More than 8 years experience with profile cutting lines

Plasma steel cutting

Since 2001 robolab is developing innovative technologies for profile cutting lines. Starting from the retrofit of installed lines up to a turnkey new line we offer the entire spectrum of robot line for cutting of raw profiles.

Our business activities for shipbuilding cover the following main focuses:

  1. Entire solutions for profile cutting lines from conveyor technique to machining: mechanics, electrical system, PLC, robot technology and cutting technology

  2. Plasma cutting technology and autogenous technology

  3. Robot technology: completely programmed and optimized robot systems

  4. Labeling and printing

  5. PLC-control system

  6. Host computers: From ship construction to the cutting process

  7. Entire monitoring of material from the “infeed” of raw material to the “outfeed” of finished products (single profiles)

  8. Retrofit and optimization of present cutting lines: renewing of control systems, integration of modern sensor technology and process strategies

  9. Speeding up of all sub-processes of present lines: Use our know how for fastening your throughput!

  10. Welding technology

We demonstrated our expertise in retrofitting several lines of other manufacturers named Oxytechnik and Kranendonk established from 1986 to 2001.

New lines we produce in cooperation with powerful partners. Some of them you may find in “partners”. You may get a complete system consisting of robot cell, cutting equipment, fume exhaustion, materials handling equipment, marking station, control unit, software interface to modeling system and enhancements at your request. We are characterized by fulfilling customer needs very flexible.

We mount our systems with autogenic or plasma technique. Our systems cuts bulb profiles, flats, L-beam, T-beam and on request U-beam and I-beam profiles.

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MacroDesigner Framework

Inner cut
Bulb cut
Bulb cut

Our MacroDesigner Framework offers complete IT structure from construction system to the robot.

The production data will be imported automatically from the construction system and could be preprocessed for production in process engineering. Therefore the profiles that have to be produced will be nested automatically to raw profiles. Furthermore FlexNest offers the possibility to organize your production. You are able to schedule orders or to create production statistics.

Before cutting raw profiles the necessary robot programs have to be created. Our system automatically generates these programs based on stored cutting macros.

The operator controls the process supported by our visualization being able to manipulate all relevant production data subsequent.

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Our excellence: individually tailored systems

At first glance all profile cutting lines are similar. At second glance major differences in mode of operation will become visible: from flow of material inside production up to the software for process engineering. Often the standardized system concepts do not fit the needs of clients.

Our main excellence is to develop tailored solutions for our customers:

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Contact person

Thomas Viering
Tel.: +49-2226-88978-01