A retrofit of your machine controller based on our rcs1

Too often, high leveled mechanics of machines are sorted out prematurely because of out-dated or defect control technology. Hereby relevant values get lost!

The solution is retrofit: a new control technology allows the continuous use of  these machines for years. A connected service renewal ensures the reliable use of the machines for the new life cycle.

manutec robots

Do you have a manutec robot?
By using a control system retrofit, we make modern automats out of your manutecs that will compare favorably with actual systems!

Problems with your mechanics?
We even carry out a mechanical and electrical general overhaul of your manutec robot.

Machines running on Siemens RCM

The rcs1 is the official succession control of the Siemens manutec RCM.
We would be pleased to give you an offer meeting  your requirements! 

We deliver retrofit systems for all kinds of Siemens RCM controllers (RCM1 bis RCM3). Our system is 100% compatible in hardware and software. Have a look at the note on the official Siemens website regarding the replacement strategy for traditional RC systems (RCM/ACR).


Have a look at our slides on a RCM retrofit (PDF 3,3 MB).