The robot control system rcs1

Our innovation: robolab control system 1 (rcs1)

Each and every industrial workflow is different. With our basic control system rcs1, individual and novel requirements can be flexibly and quickly implemented.

rcs1 offers you:

  • Flexible procedures for movement optimization, robot kinematics and path planning by maintaining and expanding approved standards.
  • New application areas by extensive and targeted sensor control, esp. optical sensors, force sensors or complex image processing.
  • Unique hard contact force control by the optional module robolab sensing system 1(rss1): a scientific innovation.
  • Extensive communication (networks, internet, SPS, several bus systems).
  • Individual requirements for enhanced control functionality can be quickly implemented and realized in the core of the control system.
  • A vivid graphic user interface with syntax highlighting reinforces fast access to our systems.

Please ask for extensive information about the rcs1! Contact us directly!
We would be glad to explain the advantages of our control system to you oriented on your own application.  

Contact person

Thomas Viering
Tel.: +49-2226-88978-01