The MacroDesigner at a glance

Robot Programming Made Easy might be the chapter title, because the macro designer drastically simplifies the programming of your robot systems. Your system as a whole becomes more flexible. The optimization of production cycles saves you time and costs, e.g. because of: 

  • Shortened introduction
  • Reduced tooling time
  • Simplified programming of complex application flows
  • Scrap Reduction

The macro designer allows you in a simple way to design your own robot programming language, tailored for your application: You fix your own instructions and define its interpretation. By so called parametric macro instructions you can conclude entire production operations and test them in real simulations.

In addition, integration in existing CAD systems is possible. That means your construction system (e.g. CAD program including all relevant drawing and construction data) feeds your production plant (robot, machining-center) with all production relevant data: This is automation in perfection!!!

Because of the simplified robot programming, the number of the potential users of your robot  system expands significantly: Your own, self designed robot language is tailored specifically for your requirements and applications and doesn't contain any unnecessary ballast.

Decades of experience are no longer required to operate your robot system: This means a high rate of flexibility regarding the choice of operators for your robot systems.